Friday, August 30, 2013

Start the Revolution

This was the evening sky last night as we watched football practice.  Sunbeams as far as the eye can see, radiating above our tiny, precious football players.  

Do you see those little guys, in the huddle?

With all the chaos in the world (Syria, Miley Cyrus and just about everything else on the news) I thought this picture was a very good reminder of the goodness all around us.  There is so much beauty in every day, don't let the ugly overshadow it.  

Don't let the chaos win.

Teach your children how to be good and noble, and how to respect themselves and those around them.  The world could use a little more character.  A little more of what's right, and a lot less of what's wrong.

Let's start the revolution. 

Hug your babies, and enjoy a wonderful Labor Day weekend!



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