Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Barn Cat

A few weeks ago, I posted about adorable farm kittens born under our porch.  I am not a cat person, so this discovery was met with mixed emotions.  Despite being allergic and having no desire to ever own a cat, I was won over by the tiny critters. 

Couldn't help myself. 

Luckily, they decided to move their home base to the shed next door.  As cute as they were, they started murdering innocent baby rabbits and I didn't really want them pooping and peeing under our porch.  Now we can admire them from a yard away instead of our front door.

A few days ago, one of the barn cats from across the street was hanging in our driveway.  To our surprise he greeted us when we approached him.  Usually these cats are rather skittish, and there are many of them around the neighborhood.

But this guy was friendly, and he followed my son around for a bit.  My little guy loved it, and I let him feed the cat the leftover kitten food (yes, I know, don't feed the strays...). 

The two hung out all afternoon.

The next day, he was waiting for my son on the porch. 
Despite my worn-down-but-still-anti-cat attitude, I let my son know his friend was waiting for him.  I'm thinking it's harmless, and my son gets to enjoy a "pet" he would never otherwise enjoy. 

Besides, we're "country" people now.  I think it's time I get used to all the animals.  Allergies or not, these cats are not going anywhere.  I do know they will never live in my house, but I'm sure my kids will try and sneak a few in my garage.  I guess I'll never have to worry about mouse terds.

Always a silver lining.

Happy Wednesday all, make it totally amazing!


  1. So sweet. :) How fun it is to have a little friend like that....makes a kiddo feel special! And yes....keep them around the yard and hopefully no mice inside!

  2. We live in the country and had "Momma" show up with babies. The babies had to leave, but we took Momma in to the vet and now she happily lives in our garage (with door cracked). She has been annoying, but mostly is wonderful! And...friends/cousins think its so cool!! I'm an anti cat person, but Momma is now part of our family-outside!

    1. I'm thinking my story will be very similar! Glad to hear it works!!!!


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