Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Truth (in my house) About Back to School

As a mom, I'm not a huge lover of back to school time.  Well, I am and I'm not.  As a kid I loved back to school.  I can still see my nine year old self shopping with my mom at the local pharmacy for back to school supplies.

I used to browse the aisles for what seemed like hours putting together the perfect back to school look.  Pencils and notebooks, folders and erasers.  It all had to coordinate and I loved the new-ness of it all.

It even smelled good, and I'm now realizing I was a total and complete school dork.  I loved school.  The truth is out.

As a mom,  I have to fund these back to school shopping extravaganzas.  I also have to start packing lunches again and enforce bedtimes.  I have to get up and be productive before 8am. 

And the worst?

Homework help.  Someone punch me now.

There is however, one HUGE reason I'm good with back to school season.  It's called sanity.  By this time in the summer, when camps are long over and swimming is "boring," the mood starts to shift in our house. 

The squabbles increase.

The mom freak-outs average about one a day.

The outdoors become a chore and pulling my kids from the Full House re-runs becomes exhausting. 

When I offer up swimming and my kids moan and groan, I know we've got problems.  And it's called too much summer.

This is what too much summer looks like:
Oh my, it's frightening.

Lunch sacks and homework folders are a small price to pay to regain the happy harmony in our home.  You can bet your buttons this Mama will be up and ready for that big yellow bus this Thursday.

Happy (almost) back to school.  Hang in.  It's almost here.

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