Thursday, September 12, 2013

Barn Cats, Kittens and the Front Porch

Over the summer, I posted about the farm kittens that were born under our porch.  I'm not a cat person, never have been.  But those kittens were very entertaining, and the munchkins couldn't get enough kitten sightings.

The mama cat was feral, and wanted nothing to do with any of us.  Naturally, because of our obsession with the kittens, she moved them to the shed next door.  I can't say I blame her, since we did try to kidnap one just to see if it was a boy or a girl.

A few weeks ago, a very friendly barn cat from across the street started hanging around.  In case you're wondering there is no shortage of cats around here.  This cat was friendly, and even followed the kids around.  She came back day after day visiting us.  The kids named her Kit Kat and because I couldn't help myself, I bought some cat food (still NOT a cat person). 

Two nights ago, while at gymnastics practice with my daughter, I received an interesting text message.

We had more kittens under the porch.  Apparently our front porch is prime real estate in the feline community.  Luckily for the kids, the mama is friendly cat.  Which means she isn't afraid of us, and her kittens aren't either.  Hubby fed mama with the cat food I had so graciously provided and even held the kittens.

I'm smelling outdoor pets.  Literally.

Have fantastic Thursday. 

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  1. When we got back from our Disney vacation, several mice ( far) had decided to move in while we were gone. My husband is now officially leaning towards my side of the fence about getting the kids a kitty...or 2! Course, if we want them to catch mice, they'll have to be inside.


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