Friday, September 27, 2013

How to Install a New Font in Windows

Since becoming a blogger, I'm kind of into fonts.  Corny I know.  It's amazing how being on the computer often makes you interested in things like font style.  Hey, to each their own right?

I always thought font installation would be confusing.  It seemed intimating and complicated.  Truly, it's not.  If you use windows, I'm going to attempt to guide you through font install.  I've included five snazzy new fonts below for you to play with. 

Choose a font from my list below, and click on the corresponding link.  A new page will open, click "download."

 Click "save file."

Open your downloads, I open mine from top right arrow.
Open file and select "install."

After installation, the font should appear in your fonts menu when using Word.  Try it, and let me know if it worked!

 5 Friday Fonts

If you're having a Halloween party or event in the next few weeks, Gigi over at Kludgy Mom has Halloween Fonts to download.

Good luck!

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