Thursday, September 5, 2013

Maroon 5

On Sunday I took my three oldest munchkins to see Maroon 5.  I had bought tickets for my oldest for his birthday back in June, and one of my best-est friends also bought tickets.  We were planning to take our two twelve year old boys to their first ever concert. cute.....

On Friday, two other concert go-ers my friend knows backed out, leaving two tickets to be claimed.  Since my two middle children were salivating that my oldest was going to see Maroon 5, I decided to scoop up the extra tickets and make it a grand affair.

Before we get too excited, the tickets I'm referring to are lawn seats, which was the plan because I felt having some space was needed if I took my kids.  Sitting them in concert seats would make a few things miserable.

To note a few:

1. Seeing the show
2. Going to the bathroom
3. General personal space

With much planning in regards to what was allowed inside the gates, to what time the gates opened, we could not have done better taking these kids to their first concert.  From our mini-tailgate to our ziplocks of dry food, we hit the ball out of the park.

The kids experienced inflated concert prices, concert tee-shirt buying, interesting lawn neighbors (to each his own) and exactly how much walking and waiting can be involved in a good time.  They also heard some of their favorite songs live, which was the highlight of the evening.

Well, that and Adam Levine.

All in all, this was a life experience that had much to teach, and we had an incredible night.

Happy Thursday all, enjoy it!

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