Friday, September 13, 2013

Mrs. Hall, and What I Think of "That Letter"

Before I begin, I'm notifying all of you I'm ten days late to this party.  This is par for the course and I apologize to all my readers who have been there, done that with Mrs. Hall.

Did y'all read her open letter to teenage girls?  Apparently it was quite controversial.  I read many responses to it on other blogs and I'm sure Mrs. Hall is shocked her "letter" caused such a stir.

Here's the thing.  I don't know how to jump into this.  I agree with Mrs. Hall, I do.  There are many times I sit and shake my head at the behavior I see around me.  Some days I shake my head so much I fear it might fall off.  Teenage girls can be quite provocative with the "selfies" and the sharing of their pictures online.  I've seen plenty myself, and I don't even follow teenage girls.  I do however, follow twelve year old boys (not as exciting) and enough adults to see that provocative stretches beyond teenage girls.

Do I like how young girls sexualize themselves?  Hells to the bells no.  I do wonder though, who funded the clothes?  Are teenage girls the only ones who should be in the hot seat? 

Does it upset me that girls will pose, act and do things a certain way just so that a boy will like them?  Of course it does.  How saddening, and it sucks because I've been there.  I wish I could scream to the hilltops, Don't do it!  You're better than that!  One day this boy won't matter!

Here's the thing.  Girls have been acting out for years, there was just never an instagram to catch it all.  Boys have been taking advantage of girls for years, and there was never a Facebook to read the story the morning after.  What it all boils down to is that we, as adults, have to take some responsibility.  Teach our kids they are worth more, and to respect each other.  Let's make a pact to build character in these kids.  Teach them how to have a conversation; insist on manners.  Use the word "appropriate."

I love that word.

Turn off the Miley Cyrus trash on television and talk.  Share your ideals, and even more importantly your values.  Discuss what goes on at school, what the limits are on Facebook and instagram and whatever else the kids are on.

Even better?  Say no to these accounts.  A I've said to my kids, if you're not old enough to have them they only open you up to criticism.  And who the heck wants more criticism?

Mrs. Hall, I thank you for opening the can of worms.  Whether or not people agree with you is another story.  I tend to feel you are shooting the messenger, and focusing only on teenage girls.  What about teenage boys who encourage them?  And the media that fills their impressionable minds with garbage?

Who really is to blame with how crazy this world has gotten?

I think we all are.

Mrs. Hall, I get you.  I do.  I agree with you, to an extent.  I just feel we need to tread lightly, and work our hardest to teach girls their value.  And to teach boys to respect girls.  And to teach society it's time to open the eyeballs and monitor what the heck is going on at school and at home.

I know we've all seen enough to know things have gone a little bit nutty.

And with that, I say Happy Friday.  What do you think about dear ole' Mrs. Hall?


  1. I couldn't have said it better!!! You are ABSOLUTELY right! We put our two oldest in school on the military post this year and we worried ourselves sick over what they might hear from other kids but then we finally said, we have taught them what is right and wrong and we always talk together and they will be okay!!! As a society, we have to go back to being actively engaged in our kids' lives!!!

  2. I think she's right. She seems to just be stating facts - if you post material that she deems inappropriate for her OWN children to see, they won't see you any more in social media outlets. End of discussion. That's the way it has to be - you make rules, you follow them. Maybe the girls aren't entirely to blame, but at some point you have to be responsible for your own actions (I think children way younger than 12 should be able to know that). The fact that she has boys - and not girls - makes her view a little different. I'll be going through this with boys first and I'm hoping our girls will see how our boys (and hopefully their friends) react to inappropriate behavior by girls and then act accordingly. Family should be transparent and able to talk about uncomfortable situations (unlike my parents, who pretty much made stuff up as they went along so they didn't have to explain sex to me. EVER.).


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