Monday, September 9, 2013

Opening Day

Yesterday was opening day for our youth football league.  The sun was shining and the kids were fired up.  The fans were out in abundance and our snack bar sold over fifty hamburgers during the first game alone.

It's a good thing we have plenty of cows in the area. 

For little boys, football is the one place they are allowed to hit other boys.  They're encouraged to tackle and "get mad," and the crazier the kid the better they usually are at football.  Football may very well be the only place moms of hyperactive nutjobs find solace.  They can sit back, breathe and let their little maniac have at it for four quarters while he wears eye black and pretends he's in the NFL.

It's like a vacation. 

The boys get dirty and sweaty and their equipment has a special kind of "stink" few other parents would recognize.  I'm guessing hockey moms know it as well.  The stink is kind of like old feet, but much, much worse.  I would say it's a motivating smell, because it makes me yearn to do laundry over and over again.

After opening day, we came home and settled in for what was left of NFL games.  I used to think missing most of "football Sunday" would get to me, but the NFL has nothing on these little guys.

And I'd choose watching them play any Sunday of the week.

Cheers!  Make today wonderful!

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