Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rainbow Loom Anyone?

A few weeks ago my daughter was coming home from school sporting bracelets made from hair supplies.  I had no idea how they were made and I never thought to ask. 

I operate on a need to know basis.

Last weekend, these loom bracelets suddenly became a hot topic in the house.  Apparently the girl with all the rubber bands at recess decided only certain kids could use them to make bracelets.  Annoyed, my daughter asked for her own rubber bands.  I went to the craft store and I suddenly understood how big this fad really is.  There were warnings that no coupons were good on Rainbow Loom and there were about a million tiny bags of rubber bands all over the store.

I picked a few colors and went on about my day.

My daughter returned from school that afternoon and was overjoyed with the bands.  She immediately whipped out two fishtail bracelets.  The next day she wanted to go to the craft store and buy the loom.

The what?

I took her to the store and bought (without coupon) the Rainbow Loom.  She hurried home and went right on youtube.  She watched a video for hours on how to make a Starburst bracelet.  The girl instructing in the video couldn't have been more than ten years old. 

It was crazy.

Every time my daughter went to pull that bracelet off the loom it fell apart.  Tears of frustration would stream down her face.  She would start again.  And again.  After six hours, at 11pm, I sent her to bed.  I told her she was certifiable and needed to rest. 

And then I went right on youtube and attempted to make the Starburst Loom.  The first time I went to take it off the loom it fell apart.  I found a new instruction video, because I couldn't handle this girl any longer.  I needed an adult, I needed more detailed step-by-step than tween Ashly was providing. 

I was up until 1am working on that Starburst.  I passed out semi-successful. 

I'm happy to announce the next morning my daughter mastered the Starburst Rainbow Loom bracelet.  She went from frustration and tears to whipping out approximately one bracelet every ten minutes.  She has outfitted all of our arms with bracelets. 

Last night she complained that her younger brother is placing too many bracelet orders and it's getting "annoying."

Isn't that what little brothers are for?  To be annoying?  I spun the situation around quick and told her he's just proud to have a bracelet supplier right in his own house. 

When that didn't work I told her I funded this hobby and she'll make her brother bracelets.  That seemed to settle her down.  After all, I'm headed to the store today to restock the black and yellow bands.  If she wants 'em, she'll weave as many bracelets as her siblings request.

Are your kids Rainbow Looming?  How long is this fad going to last?  I'm thinking by Christmas the kids will be onto something else.

Maybe I can think of it next time and "funding" anything will never be an issue again.

Wishful thinking.


  1. I feel your pain! I have two daughters... so of course we "had" to buy 2 looms... ugh...

  2. I'm pretty out of touch and also operate on a need-to-know basis. No one here has requested this...yet. I feel like this was my official heads up! Then again, I'm not sure they're allowed to wear them to school (we have a pretty strict uniform code - maybe they're allowed 1 bracelet, I'm not really sure). I think I'm starting to miss Silly Bandz (or whatever they were called).

  3. why doesn't brother make his own?

  4. Hi I'm from Panama, and it's starting to be a fad here, My daughter love your model, we tried together to make it but was impossible, also there's no videos in youtube that explain the pattern even the name, could you please share it...panamenians will love u.
    my daughter have 8 years and saw the videos in youtube like a 2 months ago, she was crazy to have her own kit.
    Finally I found it at the supermarked, i said I have to buy it now.

    1. Hi! The bracelet above is the starburst...on youtube there is a video of a girl named Ashley who demonstrates the style. We used a different video, the one of the Rainbow Loom lady, i felt it was more descriptive. Good Luck!! A few more fun ones are the "raindrop" and the "ladder"!

    2. I try all the time to make a starbirst bracelet and it always ends up breakimg apart! I. Rrally need to find a different video

    3. We had the same problem! I tried for hours and I finally figured it out - you have to make sure the black bands(the outline) are overlapped correctly. Not twisted. When we fixed the bands that go around the outside it finally worked. Good luck!

  5. Oddly enough I know exactly what you mean and I have two sons my soon to be eight year old has been asking for one of the "kits" everyday for 3 weeks since he knows his birthday is at the end of the month hes made it crystal clear he {NEEDS} this lol . I found you can get some bulk bands super cheap on amazon I ordered him 1,800 when I ordered him loom hopefully that will keep him entertaines til christmas lol! I will happily fund anything that excerises their minds and keeps them off video games this winter plus I love when he makes me a new braclet

  6. Just spent the last two hours pulling THREE different bracelets off the loom, only to realize that my little guy missed-looped ONE band which makes the entire thing worthless. I'm ready to throw ours out the window.


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