Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The "Lovey"

When my baby "Moopa" was a few weeks old, she was very restless.  She just couldn't settle herself down to sleep without something to hold.  We started dropping burpcloths over her face as she tried to fall asleep, and miraculously, it worked.

She would smooth it to her face, wrestle it and hold it until she fell asleep.

Naturally, my mother was not fond of the whole "burp cloth in the face" routine, so she bought little Moopa a real "Lovey."  It was pink and soft and half teddy bear half blanket. 

It has not left her side since. We've taken that tiny security bear everywhere, and had a few very frightening instances when we thought she was gone for good.  Once we lost her in Walmart.  I walked the store for 45 minutes, sweating, trying to locate Lovey as my toddler cried.  Finally, just about when I was about to give up, I saw her.  She was in a cart in one of the aisles, one of those "clean up" carts with tons of junk that needs to be put somewhere.

Relief washed over me.  Moopa stopped crying.  I promised myself it would never happen again.

Then, two years ago, we lost her in Disney World.  Yes, Disney World.  We got back to our villa after a night of shopping in Downtown Disney and Lovey was gone.  GONE.  Hubby was all "She'll have to live without it...." and I'm all "WE HAVE TO GET ON A PLANE IN A FEW DAYS!!!"

Panicked and determined, I walked back to Downtown Disney.  I will add that I was in my pajamas and it was raining. 

Nothing stops a mom looking for a security blanket.

I went from store to store when finally, at my very last stop, the cashier told me someone found it on the floor of the store.  I'm pretty sure I cried a little, I was so happy to see that little rag again.  In a nutshell, that little story is the difference between most mommies and daddies. 

With all the close calls losing Lovey, we've said many times that we should have bought two.  I haven't seen "Lovey" on a store shelf in years.  I also don't think it would matter anyway, because our Lovey is so "loved" the seams are fraying and the color has transformed from pink to well, something else.

There is no replacement for a blankie that has been carried for four years. 

Last night, Hubby returned home from CrossFit bursting at the seams with excitement.  For a minute I thought we must have won the lottery.  He could barely speak.

Then he told me that in the childcare room, brand new, was a Lovey.  The exact replica of our Lovey.  Naturally, he asked the owners if he could take it home, because never in a million years did he ever think we'd find another Lovey.

After seeing this brand new Lovery, I see there is a significant difference between what Lovey looks like now and what she looked like when my mother gave her to us.  Now, tattered and dull.  Fraying and funky smelling every few days.  Then, bright and pink and soft.  Fuzzy and fluffy.
Since last night, Moopa has gone from "I need my Lovey" to "Where are my two Lovies?"  The original is still her favorite, but "New Lovey" is clearly in 2nd place.  All the other stuffed animal friends fell off the face of the Earth as soon as new Lovey came home last night.

We may have created another monster. 

Wishing you all unexpected surprises today!


  1. My Lincoln has "bunny" and it is such a fright when we can't find it. Now he calls it momma because he associates everything that's an animal as momma-our outdoor cat:) haha. I am so so glad my kids have a lovey (mommas or tis-as we call them) during hard times it makes all the difference!

  2. My favorite part? That Moopa calls it "Lovey"! Or did you just improvise? Our Youngest Boy is the most attached to his "lovey" - a stuffed beagle pup named, creatively, "Puppy". Puppy even stars in all of the books that he's been writing lately. When he was in Pre-K he won another stuffed beagle and he wanted to call it Puppy, Jr. I said, "Think of something else...like George or something." So, of course, he's George...

    We also have "Bear" (which is a bear), "Kitty" (which is a kitty), and "Baby Bear" (which, oh, heck, I'm sure you've figured this out by now).

    1. You're right, the name is "Lovey!" And i think its hilarious your kids name their animals after what animal it is...mine do too! We have a Dolphin "Dolphiny", a fox "Foxy", a puppy "Puppy"....too funny!


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