Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Blogging Tips

I started blogging three years ago.  I sat in my pajamas at 10pm and started a blog.  My first post was just a heartfelt "my kids are getting older, another school year is here..."

The next morning I checked my"stats" and some of my friends on Facebook actually read it.  I was hooked.

Since that groggy night on my laptop, I've learned MANY things.  I'm still learning.  I don't know everything there is to know about blogging, but I have learned some valuable information.  I've started making money, reaching more people and in general I feel at peace with my blog.

It's my happy place.

If you're new to blogging or been at it a while and still haven't found your groove, here are my blogging tips to get ya going.

1.  Write what you know.  Stay true to yourself.  Monetization is awesome, but not if you're selling out or not staying true to what you love.  Readers want to hear from you and everything you love; keep your voice in all things.

If you are looking to make a few dollars, start small.  Add Google Adsense (not my favorite but people use them) to your sidebar, or try working with sites such as Social Spark.

2. Don't freak about statistics.  They go up, they go down.  There are good days and bad days.  If you are very new to blogging, focus more on developing a good clean blog (too much "design" isn't always a good thing) and teaching yourself how to navigate your host site.

I spent HOURS trying to get a blog signature under my posts.  If you want to be successful it will take time.

3.  Use Pinterest.  This is the number one traffic driver for my site.  If you are looking for more followers, write a solid "How To" on something you're fabulous at.  Maybe it's a recipe, maybe a craft.  Maybe you know how to redecorate on a budget or how to save money at the grocery store.

Always, always have at least one good clear picture with your post.

Use sites such as picmonkey to edit your picture, resize it (watch those huge files, they slow your site. Try for 900 pixels or less) and add text.  Be clear, be simple. 

Pin this fabulous post to Pinterest and watch your stats creep up.

This takes time, and you may have to write a few informative posts every so often.  The key is good content and clear pictures.  The readers will come.

4. Write regularly.  You might go through "blah" days.  Keep with it.  Re-post an oldie but a goodie, or just post a picture.  Tell the world you're blah.  Just post.

Readers need something to read.

And when you do write, put it out there.  Tweet, post it to Facebook or Pin it.   I'm not huge on Twitter, but I use it and I'm getting more followers.  Use tools such as AddThis to get those "follow" buttons on your sidebar.

People need to be able to find you!

5.  Network.  Cruise other blogs, and visit blogs like Kludgymom to get ideas on how to better your blog or add new fonts.  KevinandAmanda is another great site.  Read other blogs and comment.  Join blog hops or twitter parties.  My first year of blogging I participated in "5 Question Friday" over at Mama M's blog.  It was a great source for meeting other bloggers and getting content on my blog.

Do you have any other great blogging tips?  Share with us!


  1. Great tips! I have found that Stumble Upon has been another big driver of visits to my blog as well!

  2. These are great tips!

    I know I don't have many followers, and I don't get much traffic to my blog....but that's fine with me. Sometimes I get caught up with wanting to get my blog out there more, but then I stop and think about why I really blog. I do if for myself and for my children. I love knowing that In the years to come, I'm just one click away from reading all about the day Anthony lost his first tooth or Timothy taking his first steps. I can relive that moment over and over again. At the end of the day, if no one but myself ever read my blog, that would just be ok. :)


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