Friday, October 11, 2013

Halloween Craft: Pumpkin Bat

Carving is overrated.  It's messy and takes time.  This pumpkin bat is fun, easy and adorable.  We made him for a 2nd grade project, and I don't know if I'll ever go back to carving again.

Well, I probably will.  But for now, I'm loving the spray paint and glue gun.


Small to medium pie pumpkin
small can spray paint (black, I bought this for $3 at craft store)
googly eyes
black construction paper
white paper
glue gun

Line an area outside with newspaper.  You want to be in the mulch, or the grass.  Spray entire pumpkin with spray paint including stem.  Let dry for a few hours.

When pumpkin is dry, line another area of newspaper to rest him on indoors while you craft the pumpkin.  Using a glue gun (or rubber cement) glue on googly eyes.

Using a pencil, draw wings onto back construction paper.  These don't need to be perfect, just make sure you start with a half moon, and make them large enough (think 6" or more).  Make edges underneath and cut out carefully.

If you need help, use this:

Using glue gun, attach wings to either side of pumpkin.

Cut two small triangles out of white paper, glue next to eachother approximately 3" underneath eyes as fangs.   Cut two more small triangles from scrap black construction paper and glue on either side of pumpkin stem as ears.

Voila, an adorable pumpkin bat.  He looks great indoors or out (covered area of course). 
Happy weekend!

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