Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Favorites

Happy Halloween!  In honor of this fabulously fun holiday, I'm sharing my favorite Halloween anythings.  Crafts, foods, costumes and traditions.  All of these favorites are tried and Mommyhood approved. 

Let's get some Halloween fun going...

New this year, which I loved?  The milk jug ghost.  So much cleaner than carving a pumpkin, and lined in the yard with string lights poked through the bottoms, a nifty decoration.
Easy Halloween Craft Project idea for the kids to make! 
Feeling gorged and in need of an outlet for ALL that candy?  Bake up some Candy Cookie Bars.  Share at work.  Bring to a party.  Eat them at home.  Whatever works. 


Need a great party game for all ages?  Try Witches Brew.  We played this at my son's Halloween Birthday Party and I've never been so pleased with a game in my life.

So much fun.

One of my all time favorite costumes?  When my mother made my son Max from Where the Wild Things Are.  He roared his terrible roar...

All you need is a one piece white pajama (this can be tricky, try Walmart), buttons, a crown, a wand, black pipe cleaners, a fuzzy tail, and some thick foam claws.  You'll also need someone who can sew. 

Looking for a fun thrill?  "BOO" somebody.  It's a hoot, I promise.


Wishing you a safe and healthy Halloween!  

What are some of your favorite Halloween things?

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