Monday, October 21, 2013

Sibling Mixes

I've found in my family that certain mixes of kids work better than others.  My oldest and my youngest? 

Good mix.

My two boys?  Loud mix.

My two middle kids?  Harmonious mix.

My two youngest kids?  A mix of petty arguments.

Two daughters?  Mostly fire and sometimes not-so-nice-ice.

I noticed at dinner the other night that no matter where we go, this is the situation.  I have to think long and hard about who can sit where when we dine out.  Or ride in the car. 

Usually, as long as everyone's mood is light we're good.  There is happiness.  But if anyone is rambunctious, mad, pissy or hyperactive to all heck, we need to remember who can be where to keep peace.  Otherwise I'm batpoop crazy playing referee and trying to quiet the area down.

Growing up, it was my oldest brother on his own, myself and my brother who was 16 months older than me, and my two younger brothers.

Those were the splits.  Then my sister came along, and she was in her own little world.

As we grew older, the groups changed a few times and now we all happily hang and love each other.  There is nothing like siblings; for me they are my allies, my friends and my support.  I'm blessed to have them, and my kids are as well.

And in the long run, the sibling mixes in our family will change and evolve, and I pray for a large unit of close, well adjusted adults.  For kids who love eachother the same way they do now, forever.

What are the mixes in your house?  Who gets along with who? 


  1. If they had a relationship status button, it would be "complicated". Oldest and youngest are pretty good. Two boys? Loud. Two girls? Mostly quiet but when they aren't, they REALLY aren't. Two middles? Probably the best camaraderie. Our oldest boy and oldest girl? Never happens. Youngest boy and youngest girl? Very good mix. But on any given day and given anybody's crankiness level, this can all go to hell in a handbasket! I'm hoping they stay close.

    I'm not even remotely close to my sister (11 years younger) and I don't see that changing. Probably ever. I'm really close to my youngest brother (5 years younger). My other brother (4 years younger) is just kind of a loner - but we get along. Families are complicated.

    1. Sounds like we have the same zoning as far as kids - LOL! Two boys are always so LOUD. And my two middles are good too - how funny. So alike! :) Families are VERY complicated - and this has only become more apparent as I've gotten older!!

  2. Anthony + Timothy = Pure Awesomeness.
    Molly + Timothy = Mostly awesome with some squabbles here or there over toy possession.
    Anthony + Molly = Mama's playing referee and probably goes to bed with a migraine.

    Totally do the same thing.....going out to dinner, who's gonna sit by who? haha

    But even with all the craziness, sometimes I am blown away by the love and affection they show each other. Melts my heart.

    1. Me too! Blown away by the love they have for eachother! And tossing back advils on those "referee" days!!!


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