Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Stalker Moms

Please, I pray, never let me be a stalker mom.  I'm assuming we've all met them, and we've all dealt with them.  I really don't want to ever frighten another mother like these moms frighten me.

Have you ever met them?  The ones that have too much time and wait for you a little too long at preschool drop off?  Or at the ball fields?  And after the third day all you're thinking is, "oh my gooooosh why is she waiting for me I've been in my car five minutes...I'm still brushing my daughter's hair...I'm not going inside yet..."

I may or may not wait to brush my daughter's hair until we are actually in the school parking lot.

These moms are friendly, but too friendly.  Why are they waiting for you every day?  Don't they have a million errands too?  You start to wonder why they are so nice.  Like maybe they're crazy, or maybe they're really just that kind. 

I'm sure it's the latter, but I have a little too much Jersey in me to understand.

Either way, they scare me because I don't understand them.  I wait for my friends.  I do.  I'll walk over and call them out on brushing hair in the parking lot of school.  I'll bug them for playdates and I'll steal their kids if need be.

But stalker moms?  They're not really friends.  They're acquaintances.  I like them, I've liked every one of them I've ever met.  It's just that they make me feel trapped; I can't avoid them and they're always there.  I'm not sure if I'm the only mom who has these problems, but I'm assuming someone else has dealt with these issues?

Then I think I'm too nice, and I open myself up to these situations.  But I'm pretty sure most of the time along with my niceness I just do my thang.  I mind my beeswax.  I don't encourage attention from people I don't know well.

Or do I?

Either way, I hope I've never scared anyone and made them wonder about me.  Well, I'm sure people wonder about me.  But it's the stalker thing that I'm trying to avoid.  And for all the moms I know who are reading this, I'm not talking about you.  I promise.

I've only met a handful of stalker moms in my twelve years of mommy-ing.  They're a special breed.  I'm hoping someone else has met one too.  Because if not I'm going to think I'm crazy.

Crazier than I am, that is.

Happy Tuesday, watch out for those stalkers.


  1. lol dang, I guess I should stop watching you from behind the building at school so I can hop out and "accidentally' run into you ;-D Yeah, I've met a few. Very nice, but it's hard to say goodbye and I always feel rude for running off but there are only so many hours in a day :D

  2. Hahaha! I've totally done the brushing my daughter's hair for an unnatural amount of time thing to avoid having to talk to someone before! You must seriously just be that cool and have a fan club. ;)

  3. "I have a little too much Jersey in me to understand." To funny! I love the term "stalker mom"… I've always referred to them as "clingers", but you've unknowingly made me aware of how broad my term extends…


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