Monday, October 7, 2013

The Sleepover Hangover

I have a bone to pick with sleepovers.  They're fun and exciting, and I never mind sending my munchkins off with good friends for a night of giggles.  I never mind hosting good friends for a night of giggles.  Sleepovers are all fun and games until the next afternoon.  The aftermath of a night of giggles is usually not pretty.

It's downright ugly.

What I mind about sleepovers, is something Hubby and me named the "PSM."  Or, "Post Sleepover Mood."

Two weekends ago Hubby picked up our daughter from a sleepover party.  I cringed while I waited for his car to return with my overtired daughter.  I texted him, "What's the PSM?"

Miraculously, that day, the "PSM" was fabulous.  Until evening anyhow.

My golly my kids can be little pains in the arse.  If they enjoy too many nights out, or too much time away from my iron fist, they get overtired.  And grumpy.  It's like they can't handle themselves away from the land of chores and bedtimes.  After sleepovers, I'm forced to toss them in bed ahead of schedule to ensure they return to normal function the next day.

Which isn't such a terrible thing.

My oldest son, last Monday was suffering from a sleepover hangover from Saturday night.  The boy barely made it through school, let alone football practice.  Monday night, he was in his pajamas by 6pm and in bed by 8:30pm.

Again, not such a bad thing.

Tonight, I'll be enforcing the early bedtimes because the munchkins all enjoyed friend Saturday night.  And bedtimes were a little later than I planned last night.

Which makes tonight Mom's night.  Early to bed for the beans and a little DVR for me.  Which makes me rethink the bone I'm picking with sleepovers.  Maybe they're not so bad, as long as I reign the kids in quick when they return home.

What do you think of the almighty sleepover?  Yay or nay?

Happy Monday y'all!

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