Friday, October 18, 2013

Weekend Fun: Haunted Halloween Houses

My mother, who raised six kids, has long made these houses with munchkins over the years.  My mom has taught me just about everything I know when it comes to fun for my munchkins.

And what she didn't teach me came from the genes.

These houses are perfect for Halloween parties, sleepovers or just for fun on a weekend with your munchkins.

empty, rinsed dry small milk or orange juice cartons
vanilla frosting
graham crackers
haunted house decor (gummy worms, gummy skulls and spiders, chocolate candies, cereals, etc)
paper plates
paper bowls
plastic knives (or wooden Popsicle sticks)

The trick with haunted house making is pre-assembly.  Have cartons dry and ready for graham cracker walls the night before you need the houses.

Assemble roof and walls with vanilla frosting and graham crackers.  Set each house on paper plate, securing with frosting.

Let set overnight.

Once munchkins are ready to make their haunted houses, set out a small bowl of assorted candies and cereals next to each munchkin.  This makes all the finger licking MUCH more tolerable.

I also give each haunted house assembler their own bowl of frosting and their own plastic knife.

This goes back to the licking thing again.

Some munchkins take their time and construct a masterpiece, some slop it all on there and eat the candy.  Either way, the activity is always a big hit.

Mommyhood Footnote:  Remember to supply exciting candies.  Play Halloween tunes.  Make a house with the kids.

As with everything in life, "Halloween House Making" is what you make it.  So make it totally awesome.

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  1. This is seriously the cutest thing ever! I might have to do this with my kiddos:) Just found your blog..I'm a Disney lover as well so I'm super excited to be a new follower!! xoxo


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