Tuesday, October 29, 2013

We've Been "BOO-ed"

Last night, we were "BOO-ed" by a phantom ghost.  Our doorbell rang around 8:30pm, and there was no one there.  All that was left was a bag filled with Halloween goodies and a note saying we'd been BOO-ed.  This was troubling for Hubby because as fast as he opened the door, there was not a soul in sight.

Not a sound.

Not a car.

A friendly ghost had left us delicious treats, and it was now our job to "BOO" two neighbors.

This delighted the kids.  They were ecstatic.  Discussion began as to who BOO-ed us, and who we would "BOO."  We started planning our goodie bags.  One rule?  You have to "BOO" the next evening.

Another rule?  You can't "BOO" a family that has been BOO-ed before.  After a family has been BOO-ed they have to proudly display the ghost in their window.  And hopefully, these ghosts will be hanging in just about every window of every Halloween loving neighborhood around town by the time trick-or-treating commences.

I dare you to print out the ghost on beenbooed.com and boo two neighbors tonight.  Trust me, it makes for many laughs and questions as to who your "ghost" really is!

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