Thursday, November 21, 2013

All About LifeBank USA (and information on a carseat giveaway!)

LifeBank USA contacted me to help them promote their fantasical carseat giveaway, and more importantly inform parents all about cord blood banking and how valuable it can be to your child and other loved ones.    LifebankUSA is giving away THREE  top rated, Britax Marathon 70-G3 Convertible Car Seats in a random drawing. Seats are valued at $231.99 each.  To enter this contest "like" LifeBankUSA on Facebook and read more about the contest on their Facebook page.
With every one of my pregnancies, I considered cord blood banking.  It felt like an insurance policy, something I may never need but would offer peace of mind.  And if I ever did need it, I would be eternally grateful to have it.  I still, to this day, regret not having cord blood stored away in case (heaven forbid) we would ever need it.  
Maybe it's time for another baby.  Just kidding, kind of.   

Mothers want their babies to be safe.  We child proof just about everything and read food labels.  We take them to the doctor and watch them sleep.  Cord blood goes well beyond baby proofing, it can be a valuable resource if your child is in an accident or gets sick.  Cord blood has been proven to save lives. 
Cord blood banking enables you to collect and preserve potentially lifesaving stem cells, which could one day save the life of your child or another blood relative. You can bank even more stem cells by collecting them from two usable sources of stem cell-rich blood; the umbilical cord and the placenta. This is called Placental and Cord Blood Banking, and LifebankUSA is the only company to offer this service. Whether you choose Placental and Cord Blood Banking or Cord Blood Banking alone, there are many important reasons to choose LifeBankUSA.  
Hope on over and "Like" Lifebank USA on Facebook for a chance to win a Britax carseat, good luck!!

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