Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gymnastics Meets, Shots and other Matters

In case my readers haven't noticed, it's been a while since I've babbled on this blog.  My last three posts are giveaways, which I hope you're all entering.  It's so easy to read and think, "Ah, won't be me..." but let me tell you, IT MIGHT.

I get an email every few weeks with the winning comment numbers for my current giveaways.  So if you like one, enter.  You never, ever know. :)  Just heard my blog had a winner in the Monster Headphones check your emails this week or next because BlogHer will be contacting the winners.

On another note, I had my first physical in eight years last Friday.  I figured I was a bit overdue and it felt nice to weigh in and only be two pounds heavier than I was at my physical eight years ago.  Trust me, with all the Auntie Annie's I've been eating since moving to Pennsylvania I was ready for more than two pounds.  If my pants didn't still fit I'd be thinking double digits.

I also got my flu shot and a tetanus booster.  I will never tell my kids to quit whining about pain from shots again, because I had one shot in each arm and I couldn't lift my arms for two days.  I'm being serious.  I would giggle it hurt so bad.

And yes, I had four babies naturally.  Go figure I can't handle two shots in my arms.

On Saturday, my little gymnast competed in her first competition of the season.  It was small, but a great starter meet to get the nerves under control.  She came down on her knee funny the last practice before the meet, and it made floor routine too painful, which didn't make her happy at all.  We were bummed too because we sit for six hours and wait for those four routines.  To say the least meet days involve several snack bar runs and text messages.  But we were happy to leave with a gold on bars and a silver on beam.

That's all for now folks.  Kids are sleeping and lunches need to be made.  Happy Wednesday!

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