Monday, November 11, 2013

iPhone Photos

It's been a long while since I posted what's up on my iphone.  November is marching along, and Christmas music is on the radio.  I've seen lights in the yards around town.

I'm good with all of it, because I love Christmas and I think of Thanksgiving and Christmas as a giant, five week holiday.  Throw in New Year's and it's six weeks.  I love the season and everything about it; the music, the smells, the food, the REASON.  I love the giving and the family, and just the LOVE that is more abundant this time of year.

With the six week holiday I love steadily approaching, this is what's been going on in this neck of the woods.

On one of my trail runs, these guys were peeking at me from behind the brush.  Couldn't resist.

PS - My runs are over until the weather is back to above freezing.  I'm thoroughly enjoying my hiatus.

One fall afternoon, we "stole" a farm kitten from across the street.  It took "Mom" only a short while to notice, and she came and retrieved the kitten a few hours later.  Since we actively feed Mom we knew she wouldn't mind, right?

On my birthday, a dear friend dropped off these homemade cupcakes.  Delightful.

 Field trip to the pumpkin patch.  I froze my tush off and was never so happy to get back on a smelly school bus. 
Have you ever moved furniture, only to realize your toddler was tossing her juice pouches underneath instead of bringing them to the trash?

We did.

Happy Monday everyone.  Wishing you a fabulous week ahead!

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  1. lol Yeah I'm always amazed at what we find under the couch when we move it :D


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