Monday, December 2, 2013

Chocolate Mint Brownie Bites

Right before Thanksgiving, I was busy packing for our road trip to New York.  Clothes? Check. Toiletries? Check.  Thanksgiving dessert? Check.

I usually offer to bring dessert to any gathering, since nothing sings to my tummy more than simple sugar.  This year for my Thanksgiving dessert I dreamed up something that reminded me of those peppermint cake pops I love from Starbucks.

The chocolate-y, minty ones that are dipped in white chocolate and rolled in crushed peppermint.  Heavenly.

To make these tiny delicious delites, you'll need nothing more than a box of brownie mix, prepared, and Nestle Winter Mix Morsels.  It's really that easy.

Once you have those items, you'll be ready to prepare Chocolate Mint Brownie Bites for your next holiday party. 
1 box brownie mix, prepared.
2 bags Nestle Winter Mix Morsels
wax paper

Prepare brownie mix according to box, bake and cool completely.   I made my brownies the day before since brownies take a while to cool.

Remove prepared brownie from pan.  You can either cut into squares or turn and dump.  You'll be rolling these into balls so either method works.  Roll brownies into 1-2" balls.  Chill in refrigerator on wax paper lined cookie tray while you melt chocolate.

Pour both bags of chips into heavy, glass microwave safe bowl.  Leave 1/2 cup chips aside.  Heat on high, in 45 seconds intervals.  Stir and continue to heat until chocolate is smooth.  Add 1/4 cup chips and stir until smooth.

Adding the chips lowers the temperature of the chocolate, and makes it just right for dipping goodies.

Using two forks, dip balls one at a time into chocolate and place back on cookie tray.  Chocolate will set rather quickly because brownie balls should be cold.

Allow to set completely, about 15-20 minutes. 

Enjoy!  These are easy and perfect for any holiday party!

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