Thursday, December 19, 2013


Something happens to me at Christmastime (is that a word?).  I get inspired, unfocused, scattered and I just want to listen to Christmas music, watch Christmas movies, read Christmas books the kids, eat and shop.  I want to do nothing but soak in the season and pluck little names off the trees in the mall and GIVE.


My floors need to be vacuumed, my blog needs to be tended to and every tiny trash can in every bathroom is FULL.  There are crumbs on my floors and gifts still to be wrapped.  I will inevitably find myself up well past midnight Christmas Eve wondering what the heck I've been up to these last few weeks.

I always sit there, next to my pile of crumbs and unwrapped gifts, dumbfounded.  I know I was busy, but why isn't anything done? And didn't I start Christmas prep in early November?

Or maybe there is enough to do that all the extras like crumb removal and wrapping can wait.  I fall into my "only what is necessary" habits, leaving what can wait for last.  Christmas movies become necessary.  Dinner with the family jumps to the front of the line.  I bask in all the Christmas glory and wish for more than just a few weeks of this glorious holiday season.

Tonight, I baked up Rudolph Cupcakes for my daughter's class.  I packaged up little gifts for teachers and I watched the Grinch.  It was heavenly.

And yet the crumbs remain.  I guess they'll have to wait.  Maybe I can brush them onto the deck for Santa's Reindeer.  By then there should be plenty.

Happy weekend everyone.  Get that shopping done!



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