Monday, December 16, 2013


This weekend, due to the snowstorm that descended upon much of the eastern United States, I had to make some important decisions about how I was getting my daughter to her gymnastics meet.  The meet was two hours away, and she had to be there 11am Saturday.  The snow was supposed to start early in the morning Saturday.

I have serious agita driving in bad weather.  There was no way I was about to drive two hours in snow.

My friend Beth, who also has a daughter on team agreed.  We decided to split a room for the weekend and leave Friday.  I only booked a room for a gymnastics meet once in our four year competitive experience.  We had to arrive at 8am and the meet was three hours away.

I drew the line at that one.  But this weekend, I was totally and completely excited and sad at the same time.  I wanted to be home, in my jammies, snuggling with my babies all weekend.  When the weather limits what you're able to do I find it much easier to do nothing.

At the same time, I was excited for a girl weekend.  I was ready for peace and quiet and hotel beds.

Our weekend was a huge success, the snow limited just about nothing since we stayed so close to the meet.  We were able to eat out (Waffle House!) and chill with no worries about how the roads were.  I also tried a Sheetz milkshake for the first time ever.  Worth all 23 grams of fat, but I won't be doing that again soon!

The highlight of the weekend?  Qualifying for states in May.  Another highlight?  Watching my girl swim as the snow fell outside the windows.

Happy Monday all!  Hope everyone is dug out from the storm and back on schedule for the holidays!

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