Thursday, December 12, 2013

Freezing, Shopping and Unsubscribing

This week winter has crashed upon us.  The temperatures are frigid, and every time I walk outside the bitter cold punches me in the face.  In the mornings the car is covered in ice and requires a 15 minute warm up.  On mornings that I don't give the car ample warm up time, I'm grabbing anything within reach (today a postcard from the mail) to scrape the windshield just enough for me to see and get the kids to school on time.

It's wonderful.  NOT.

Today I ran up to Kohls to return three things.  I was thrilled to have a credit on my card after Black Friday shopping.  The credit lasted about 10 minutes; I walked out of the store with a new top for my daughter for her holiday concert and two more Christmas gifts.  That is precisely what happens every time I walk into Kohls with a 30% off your purchase coupon.

They get me every time.

I came home this afternoon to about 1,000 emails from every store I ever ordered from, since it's Christmastime and they love to try and make me shop.  I'm so sick of scrolling through 100 emails every three hours to find the three I need to actually read.  I decided it was time to unsubscribe to as many mailing lists as I could stand in five minutes.  I managed four until I was bored of clicking to unsubscribe and entering my email for "verification."

I swear some sites make unsubscribing difficult on purpose.

Have a happy Thursday, Christmas is creeping closer and closer...and I still need ONE major item.  How about all of you??


  1. I need to find something (a decent BIG something) for our Little One. What did ya get Moopa, since she's the same age (and sometimes I think they're clones of each other...)?

    1. I'm still on the hunt for that Doc Mcstuffins center...saw it 2x in Nov but passed because it wasn't on sale!! Who knew it would be the "hot" toy! My back up is the Minnie Mouse Kitchen... We also did the Minnie Mouse Pamper Pet Salon and a few other items. She needed clothes desperately so she's getting that too! (fun fun!!)


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