Thursday, December 26, 2013

Santa, Christmas and all that Magic

Lately I've been thinking about my kids and Christmas.  Oh, Merry Christmas by the way.  Hope yours was as wonderful and blessed as ours.

Growing up in my house, Christmas was magic.  Six kids in one family means if each kid gets ten gifts, there are sixty gifts under the tree.  We usually were blessed enough to receive more than ten each, and the result was a great room Christmas morning that looked as if Santa dumped his sleigh rather than made one stop.

Add in plenty of family to share everything with, and a huge Christmas morning brunch, and the day was pure magic.

I try to make Christmas Day the same for my kids, within reason.  Money is tight, but this is the one time of year they can ask for an iPad or an air hockey table and it actually MIGHT appear.  Every other month of the year if you don't need it you're not getting it.

But Christmas?  Let the wishing begin.

Let me pause here and share that we believe in Christ, and our kids know the true meaning of Christmas.  Every one of them can recite the Christmas story.  I'm also proud to share that my munchkins love to give as much as they love to receive.  They may even love it more.  This adds to the Christmas wonder and makes the season all the more special.

This year, I started thinking about how long parents have before their kids don't believe in Santa.  Some parents don't play the Santa card, but I've long believed that kids should be able to believe in magic.  There is no other time in your life you can believe in a plump, jolly man in a red suit who runs a toy workshop in the North Pole.  The idea of it makes me smile.

Kids don't really start to understand or believe in Santa until they are three.  Which means if your child believes until he or she is nine, you only have SEVEN Christmas mornings for your child to wake up and see that "Santa" has stopped at your house.


Enjoy your years while the babies are young, because with one child who knows the deal, and two who are majorly on the fence, I'll be the first to say the time goes very fast. 

And this Christmas was definitely my last with two on the fence.

Which leaves me the Moopa.  Precious little thing.

Merry Christmas to all, and wishing you all a blessed 2014.  Enjoy these slow, house is a wreck, stay-up-late days.  They are as magical as Santa himself.

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  1. You are so right, Mama. Let them believe! :) Merry Christmas!!!


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