Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Great Tree Hunt

Every year, right around this time, we embark on the Great Tree Hunt.  Depending on our schedules we either buy one off a roadside stand or cut one down.

This year, with friends in tow, we cut one down.

We walked through three fields, looked at dozens of trees, lost one child and dodged many piles of deer poop.  After about an hour of hunting and examining (too tall, too small, too straggly, too dead, too bare, too big, too many holes and just plain "ugh's) we settled on a tree.  And right after we cut the tree down every tree on the tree farm looked awesome.

All of a sudden I could see with clear eyes again.  Amazing how critical one can be before welcoming a shrub into the living room.

The good news is the kids have fun no matter how long it takes us to find a tree.  They claim they've found "the one" every few minutes and I'm never disappointed with what is around the bend.
Entertainment at its finest.

The tree was up all afternoon, drinking and settling.  Tonight, we popped in the Polar Express and the kids loaded the ornaments on.  I handed out ornaments and then spent the next hour rearranging all the ornaments so we covered more than just the bottom half of the tree.

And finally, we are in business.  It looks divine, and the family room smells of Christmas.

Happy December 1st everyone.  Do you have your tree up yet?

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  1. I LOL'd when you said you rearranged all the ornaments....I totally do that to. haha....let the kids have free rein, then I go and change it all to fill in the gaps. :) Beautiful tree!!


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