Friday, January 3, 2014

Always Follow Your Instincts. Always.

Yesterday was one of those days that you read about in papers or see on the 6 o'clock newscast.  It was one of those experiences you see and hear about but never experience yourself.

But we did.

I'm going to make a very long, upsetting story short.  After not hearing from one of Hubby's work colleagues for a few days, we followed our gut and we went over to his home.  We discussed the situation before going, and of course our heads were validating why no one had heard from him.  There were many reasons.  The weather.  The slow start to the New Year.  He might be sick.

But in our hearts we knew something wasn't right.  I'd never even been to his house, but we just couldn't understand why Hubby hadn't heard from him in two days. We knew he lived alone, and even though he was young we wondered if something had happened.  Yesterday afternoon we followed our instincts, and we found him at his home.  He had passed away a day or two prior.

My only purpose for this blog is to remind all of my dear readers to go with your gut.  It knows more than you think it does.  We didn't know this gentleman for years.  We weren't his family.  We just knew someone was awry, because Hubby communicated with him on a daily basis.  I think of my parents and siblings and we go days without communicating.  Life is busy and without work commitments or other events people go days without speaking.  It's easy to think family and close friends will have tabs on people, but that isn't always the case.  If you aren't in daily contact with someone you won't know something is wrong until too many days have passed.

If a coworker is late to work and no one has heard, check in.  If they don't show up to work, check in.  We are here to take care of eachother.  Always.  It's not always family that will realize something isn't right.  Trust your instincts and check on people.  Be there, and lend an ear.  You never know what someone will need or what their circumstances may be. 

May this wonderful, sweet gentleman rest in peace.  In the short time we knew him he was very good to us, and his heart was always in the right place.  A very special soul called to heaven very early.


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