Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Baby it's COLD Outside

This time of year is especially painful for me because Christmas is over and Spring is a solid three months away.  Most days the sky is gray and I can't even bear to stand outside for more than ten minutes before my toes start to tingle and go numb.

Along with poor circulation, I'm suffering from a severe lack of vitamin D.  If you see me out and about it's either something I totally and completely love, or I have to be there.

There is no in between.

The past two days, I'm taking the weather a little more in stride.  This is solely because even in Florida it's chilly.  There are literally very few places I could be right now that I would consider warm.  I should articulate that warm, to me, is above 75 degrees.

With three delayed openings a row (can anyone say SLEEP?? I can and it's heavenly) I'm getting spoiled over here in central Pennsylvania.  I haven't had to get up and function much since the kids returned to school from winter break.  We went back last Thursday; Friday, Monday and Tuesday we've had delays. 

It's been such a wonderful treat.  I'm really getting maximum use out of my heated blanket.

Stay warm wherever you are, from what Al Roker described there aren't many places above freezing these days.  Wishing all you warm weather folks some sunshine.  And I'm wishing all of us northern folks temperatures in the positive numbers.

I'm aiming small.


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