Thursday, January 30, 2014

Birthday Gift Ideas via Pinterest

With all the Amy Glass hoopla, and my boys in strep throat recovery, I'm going to down shift a little.  I'm also going to disinfect the house and soak bedsheets in hot soapy water.

Lately I've found some pretty nifty birthday gift ideas on Pinterest.  In honor of my hubs celebrating a BIG birthday today (o-m-g 4-0!) I'm going to post some of these fabulous gift ideas.  He's not getting any of them so this will ruin zero surprises.

Have a kid at college?  A brother, sister, niece nephew or anyone you love living far away?  Check out these birthday balloons from She's Crafty! The shipping is minimal (it's all air!) and there are small surprises in each balloon. Amazing!

Cottage in the Oaks posted this Movie Madness Bag, perfect for tween and teens.  My kids love the movies, and this would be a huge hit.  No asking mom and dad for movie money, and snacks to boot!

Lovezilla had the super cool idea to make a tissue box full of money.  "Don't Blow it All in One Place." Adorable!

Any great ideas you fall back on when you need a gift?  Share please!

Cheers and Happy Thursday!


  1. My mom gave those to my kids for Christmas last year. It was so much fun :D They unwrapped them and were like "Ummm, Grandma gave us an open box of tissue?" Their little jaws dropped open when they started pulling out the cash :D Super fun present :D

  2. So so cute! I might steal this for someone soon.This is such a lovely idea and looks so pretty!Thank you share it.

    great birthday gift ideas


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