Monday, January 27, 2014

Cryin' Wolf

When my oldest child was younger he constantly cried wolf.  If he sneezed, he thought he was sick.  If he fell, he worried he fractured something. I say this with love, because it was, and is, COMPLETELY my fault.  He is my first baby, and I was a tad overprotective of this child.  I still am.  As a result, he has always worried about injuries and illness more than he needs to, and we like to tease that he loves the doctor.

He doesn't really love the doctor, I think he just takes such comfort in seeing one.  He needs to know he is in fact, okay.  While he has improved on his tendency to "cry wolf," the damage has been done.  I warned him for years that if he always claimed he was ill, or something hurt, one day it will seriously hurt and I won't believe him.

I'll take it lightly.

Even though he's older and he knows when he is really sick, I still question him when he claims he isn't well.  It's not like my other son who can break his wrist and pretend he's fine for twelve hours (true story).  Last week my older son woke up and said he didn't feel well, and didn't think he should go to school.  I was skeptical.  I finally believed him when he fell back asleep for two hours and then didn't eat until four.

I can't remember the last time he waited until 4pm to eat.  At twelve years old, he claims he's starving every thirty minutes.

After a day at home resting, I gave him pain medicine for his throat and sent him back to school.  That was last Thursday.

On Friday afternoon, my younger son fell ill.  I knew it must be what his brother had, and sent him to bed.  He was sick most of the weekend, but started to rebound Sunday afternoon.

Despite the boys acting normal today, they both sounded funny and still complained of scratchy throats.  I decided to have them checked.  I took them for a throat swab (aren't those fun?) this afternoon; six days after my older son told me he was sick.

Hey, this is what happens when you cry wolf.

The good news is they are now both on medicine, and my older son has learned what I meant about crying wolf.  The bad news?  They've been carrying around strep throat for the last week, and they both get to chill at home tomorrow even though they seem (mostly) fine.

I'm certainly not up for mother of the year, but I never knew you could have strep and feel better while STILL having strep. 

Happy Monday all. Hope yours was a little less crazy than mine.


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