Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014

Welcome 2014.  Seriously.  2013 brought our family many ups and downs, and it's safe to say I'm exhausted.  I'm ready for a new year with new experiences.  Hopefully there will be less "what do we do now?!" in the year ahead.

'What do we do now?!" happens when the school calls and tells you your kids have to move schools because you moved out of the "boundaries" for their elementary school.  Same town, taxes go to one place.  But if you stay with your mom while looking for a new house out of state, get ready for this call if you live in our old district.

Never mind your kids will already be switching schools and moving out of state in a few weeks.  They were almost asked to move schools twice in three months.  All with the knowledge they would be moving soon and dealing with meeting new friends and adjusting to a new area.

What did we do?  We moved sooner. 

This also happens when you get a call that you might not get your mortgage on your new house out of state, because the debt on your old house is still yours even with a renter.  All the while the school district is waiting to boot your kids to a new school.

We prayed, and borrowed money. 

The grand finale of the "what do we do now?!" was when Hubby lost his job.  The very job we moved out of state for; the one that was supposed to support us for years to come.  That was a real blow to the intestines.  We prayed, and forged ahead.  We had to buy a car to replace the company car, and get a phone to replace the company phone. 

By the grace of God, he started a new job one week before his final paycheck arrived from his previous employer.  Our prayers were answered.  In this strange, uncertain world, we weren't sure he'd find a job that would support us.

We're a big crew.

With all the "what do we do now?!'s" of 2013 behind us, we welcome 2014 with open minds and open hearts.  Life is what you make it, and what you do with the cards you're dealt.

It's hard not to feel the "why is this happening to me???"  It's tough to fight the self pity.  But in the end, if you look at all you DO have, the rest is easier to handle.

I look to 2014 with an open heart and clear head.  Not only do I want to try and do the little stuff (eat less peanut butter cups...get my butt jogging again), but the big stuff like not judge.  Keep my head held high and teach my kids to do the same.  Love and reach out instead of back away and hide.

Life is what we make it my friends.  You can't always control what happens or what others do but you can control HOW you handle it.

Heads high everyone, and hello 2014.


  1. well stated big sis. peace out 2013 and good riddance.

  2. Wow. I didn't realize your family had faced so much this year! Glad for you that everything has worked out... and hoping 2014 requires a little less trust! :) Happy new year!


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