Monday, January 13, 2014

The Golden Globes vs. Playoffs

Before I was a married mama to four kids (two of them boys) I watched awards shows.  I still do occasionally.  But when awards shows are scheduled during playoff football?

Not happening.

I did however, just scroll through some Golden Globes photos of what all the elegant ladies were wearing.  There is nothing more harsh than the "Best and Worst" list after any awards show.  To add insult to injury I usually think everyone looks beautiful, and then I see my favorite gown on E!'s worst dressed.

Never, ever fails.

This year, I must admit I was taken aback by only one celeb getup.  And to make matters worse I'm about to make fun of a pregnant lady.  Drew Barrymore, what on Earth?  All those flowers all over?  She looked like she was wearing drapes.  And with all the money she has at her disposal, along with stylists and designers...

She needs to fire someone stat.

Yesterday, while all these people were walking the red carpet, I was glued to the television (along with most of my male crew) from kickoff in Carolina to the end of the game in Denver.  My older son is a die hard Chargers fan since sometime around 1st grade.  I have no idea how it happened, it just did.  He's endured years of ridicule and taken many jabs because we live no where near San Diego.

The Chargers are not popular on the east coast.  Add to that they usually stink and haven't made post season since he has been a fan, I give the little guy major credit for sticking with his team.

I even went to the store and bought $3.00 cupcakes ($3/a piece) because they were Chargers cupcakes.  He's never eaten any bakery item that was decorated for a Chargers fan, aside from his birthday cakes.

The game was a good one, as were all the games this weekend.  And even though his Chargers lost to the Broncos, he was still happy to have enjoyed two post season games. 

Look at this little face.  Totally worth $15 for five cupcakes.
Now, it's time to root for my Patriots.  Another not-so-popular team in many areas...but my Chargers fan was born in New England...and ever since they've been my team.

Happy Monday everyone! 

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