Monday, January 20, 2014

The Rut

I'm officially in my January "rut."  I have a desire to go nowhere (too cold), clean nothing (what's the point the kids are inside all the time) and stay in sweats (I'm not going anywhere right?).

Add to all this I've gained 5 pounds since Thanksgiving.  I know, I know; some ladies will laugh at my 5 pounds.  But here's the thing, I never just up and gain 5 pounds.  And I was already three pounds heavier than I wanted to be at Thanksgiving.  Making my real weight gain this year 7 pounds. 

Such a slippery slope.

My metabolism always helped me eat candy and Christmas morning brunch and all the other good stuff.  I might have come out of it a little bit bloated but a week later all was normal.  I'm thinking that was my metabolism in my twenties.  Hello thirty four, and by the way you stink at keeping me in my skinny jeans.

The last time I saw this number on the scale I was trying to lose baby weight. O-M-G.  Reality check.

I'm back on the hamster wheel and I'm determined to get my butt comfortably back in my pants.  ALL my pants.  Not just the drawstring kind.  I'm confident I'll have a much easier time when I'm outside again, playing in the yard with kids instead of snuggling under blankets watching television with kids.

I really do like the snuggling under the blankets though. Maybe this January "rut" isn't too bad.

Happy Monday all.  Enjoy your day!

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  1. Poop. Me too. Up 5 pounds since October. On one hand I think I should probably stop going back for 3rds on pizza.....but on the other hand, most of it is going to my butt and thighs and my husband isn't complaining. LOL

    I can't wait for the warmer days where we are inside very little and outside the majority of the time instead of it being the other way around!


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