Friday, January 10, 2014

Walt Disney World Tips n' Tricks (my story)

Over the past few years, I've written a dozen or more posts on Walt Disney World.  As a child, I went every year.  Sometimes twice a year.  My parents had six kids and new baby or not, they took us on our annual vacation to Disney.

Hubby visited Disney World for the first time (with my family) the year we were engaged.  We then started the same tradition of taking our kids every year.

All this Disney vacationing with kids has taught me many, many things.  I know every park, every hotel and just about every trick.  Of course with Disney there is always more to learn, which keeps us coming back for more.

Two years ago, I wrote my first Disney World post.  A few months later, I "pinned" that post on Pinterest.  My blog has never been the same.  That post catapulted my blog from a few hundred pageviews a day to thousands.  I wrote more posts and my blog continued to grow.

I opened my blog email for questions, and answered dozens of emails on my own time.  I knew none of these people.  Some of them started the email with "My husband thinks I'm crazy for emailing...."

I always emailed back.  I've given advice and even written itineraries. 

My dream was always to write a book, but without a college education (I went straight to "mommy-ing") I felt all of this was against the odds.  My style is from the hip.  I don't care much about fragments and starting sentences with "and" when I blog.

After two years of helping Disney planning families and blogging about Disney, I started taking all my posts and adding to them.  I turned them into chapters.  I edited, and edited again.  I disappeared from my Hubby and my kids hours at a time.

It was a labor of Disney love.

Finally, I finished my manuscript.  I'm so very excited to say my book, Walt Disney World Tips n' Tricks is available on Amazon.  And this morning, before it had even been available twelve hours, I had 2 sales.

I almost crapped my pants.

This post is a HUGE thank you to all my readers.  Many of my readers cruise on for Disney advice and I don't see them for weeks at a time.  I still thank you.  I apologize my Disney posts have been modified, I tried to keep some great information on without spoiling all the super awesome advice in my book.

My book is 100 pages of easy-to-read, mommybrain proof Disney World advice.  Pictures, top picks for each park and more.

I saved you from the 500 pages of Hidden Mickeys and height requirements.  I realized through my emails that parents aren't looking for information overload, rather a way to simply survive with kids and strollers in tow.

If you know any Disney trip planners, please refer them to my site of even better, my book.  It can be downloaded on Kindle and other smart devices.  The paperback version will take another few weeks, or you can order it through CreateSpace now.

My bills thank you.  I do too, from the bottom of my Disney lovin' heart.

Much love,


  1. I love all your Disney trip tips! We have two littles, and another one on the way! Your tips have been SUPER helpful for the 2 trips we have already taken and the next one we have planned this fall! I cannot WAIT to go get the book.

    1. You made my morning - thanks so much! hugs!!

  2. This is an AWESOME book - so glad it's out there!!! Congrats! :D

  3. Good for you! Now I just need to decide if I buy it NOW or wait until we start planning our next trip (we usually have a year with a trip and then a year of house-stuff - 2013 was a trip, 2014 we'll probably get a new dishwasher. Yip-pee.)

  4. Just bought the book last night via Amazon/iPhone/Kindle Reader while standing on line at Universal Studios... We live in Sarasota FL, so when we come to Orlando, we usually do it for two or three days (it's just too much work getting two boys - 5 & 6 - all together for just one day). We are always looking for the best way to stay so I'm excited to read this because today and Sunday we hit Disney. Yay! Thanks so much Jodie - I love your blog, we are very like-minded it seems and I always look forward to your emails! Very best wishes for your success on this! - Elizabeth

    1. Elizabeth - thanks so very much!!! I love messages/comments like yours and I'm so happy to hear you enjoy my blogs. If we're like minded - which we must be - you'll love the book. Have a wonderful, safe, trip!!! :)

  5. Good luck Jodie! I used your tips when we planned our first trip. Just starting to think about taking both kids!


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