Monday, February 24, 2014

The Pink Invitational

Over the weekend, my daughter competed in the Pink Invitational.  The meet raises money and awareness for women with breast cancer, and those who are directly affected by it.  It is a three day meet, with gymnasts competing from all over the northeastern United States.  We met families from Virginia, Maryland, New York State and even Canada.  We even were blessed to hang out with old gym buddies we haven't seen in a year.

Along with talented gymnasts of all levels, the meet offered an upbeat, educational atmosphere for everyone involved.  Naturally, the color scheme was pink.  Pink leotards, pink balloons, pink ribbons and just about pink everything.  Many girls stayed overnight, which meant Philadelphia was taken over by tiny athletes.  When we were eating dinner at Chili's there were gymnasts eating behind us, gymnasts waiting for tables and gymnasts outside the window doing handstands on the sidewalk.  There were swarms of them walking the streets and running in hotel corridors.

While it was entertaining, and a fab experience, my gymnast was a tad overwhelmed by all the commotion.  Small town to big city was a transition she wasn't too excited about, and I'm happy to announce she prefers country roads to city lights.

I'm glad to announce it because it lessens the chances she'll take off for bigger and better one day.  She seems content with quiet nights and cows on the side of the road.

I am too.

With all the bells and whistles large events such as the Pink Invitational bring, I was most impressed with how the message was never lost.  Every score of 9.0 or higher was celebrated with a $1 donation to breast cancer research.  Girls wrote their name on a ribbon and tied it to a long train of previous ribbons from gymnasts at the sessions prior to theirs.  Before awards, there was a lesson in nutrition and prevention.  In the goodie bags?  All natural products and foods.  Even a portion of vendor sales went to research.  

 See the pink breast cancer ribbon in the 'do?  My friend Beth found the style on Pinterest.  I fumbled through it but it worked!

We walked away with three placement medals and an all around trophy.  In most meets the awards go out to the top 50% in each age group and event, and the all around.  Overall a great meet and an even better experience.  

Another small bonus to traveling over three hours to gymnastics meets?  Rest areas with Roy Rogers.  I didn't even know Roy Rogers was still around.

Happy Monday everyone! This Mama is happy to be home. 

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  1. We went to the same rest stop! :D And saw two other gym families there as well (on the way home) LOL Picked up some Cinnabon while we were at it. We did miss another exit though...ha! But...after getting our CD, I think I'll go every year just for that. IN LOVE with my pics and all the others I'm seeing. So gorgeous!!


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