Friday, March 21, 2014

A New (Disney Planning) Favorite

It's no secret, I love Disney World.  I love traveling to Florida in general, especially this time of year when it's cold and gray up north.  Even in April and May the weather still isn't quite warm enough for me in the northeast.  A huge bonus to Florida is I can usually find very inexpensive airfare, which is a huge deal with a family of six.

Since I love Disney and I love Florida, I try to share everything I find that is helpful with all of my readers.

One of my new finds is Orlando  The site has tons of very useful travel information for families, some of which I've never seen on a Disney vacation planning site before.  I'll be the first to admit I don't often cruise vacation sites, but I have planned many vacations.  I've had to look for resorts and try to find how close they are to everything my family wanted to do on vacation.  I've tried to view pictures and availability.  This site is one of the easiest to navigate, and I didn't have to click through tons of links to find what I needed.  One of the biggest issues with staying outside Disney World is finding a hotel or home within a reasonable distance to the parks.  I love, love, LOVE that in every hotel I checked the distance to all the theme parks was clearly stated, and visible with the map feature. 

Some families don't mind driving twenty minutes to get to the Magic Kingdom, while other families want to be right outside the gates.  Orlando is a headache-saver for families staying outside the parks. I've had dozens of parents email me inquiring about staying outside of Disney World.  Truthfully I can never help much, other than mentioning a few of the hotels I know personally.  This site lists the many possibilities for families, and how far each one is to Disney as well as other theme parks.

So cool.

Along with the vacation quoting feature, I enjoyed reading the many articles and tips from Orlando locals.  There are links from everything to traveling while pregnant to traveling to Disney with Autistic children.  Add in a budgeting tool and planning help? This site has all the valuable information parents need in one place to plan a vacation.  

Even if you aren't looking to quote a trip just yet, check out Orlando  I feel it's an amazing resource for families traveling to Orlando.

Happy Weekend everyone!

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