Sunday, March 16, 2014

Celebrating "Life"

On Thursday, my younger sister left for the adventure of a lifetime.  She flew from Chicago to San Francisco to meet, for the very first time, her bone marrow recipient.

This story starts in 2012, and you can read part one and part two if you feel like a good sniffle.

In June of 2012, my sister got a call from the bone marrow registry she was a match for a mother in her 40's who was dying of Preleukemia. 

My sister didn't hesitate, and donated her marrow to a mystery mom somewhere in the United States.  Due to privacy laws, one year had to pass before either party could reach out and introduce themselves.  They wrote letters, sent through the registry program to keep locations and identities private.  My sister learned this woman had four boys, she was a believer and lover of Christ and she was healing.  My sister gave her marrow in September of 2012, and by March of 2013 my sister's cells had regenerated in the recipient giving her two sets of DNA and a new lease on life.

The recipient, nicknamed "Life" was in remission.

In September, my sister's information was released and she was contacted by Lorri, her recipient.  It was one of the best days of my sister's life.  She called me shaking, still in shock all of this was real.

And this weekend, she was treated by Lorri and her family to a weekend in California.  I'm sharing the video my sister posted, which was created by a friend of Lorri's.

I hope this video leaves you inspired to do better; to love more, feel more and live more.  Life can be unexpected, but it is beautiful.


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