Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Colin Kaepernick

We're football crazy around here.  My boys play, Hubby coaches and we all love to watch.  A few months ago, right after the 49ers lost their playoff game ending their Superbowl hopes for the season, my eight year old wrote Colin Kaepernick a letter.

I wish I copied it, because it was one of the cutest things I'd seen in a long time.  It went something like this:

Dear Colin Kaepernick,

I'm a Giants fan but you're one of my favorite players....I'm sorry you lost your playoff'll get to the Superbowl next is my favorite sport and one day I want to be a quarterback like you...

You get the idea.  Add in a bunch of spelling mistakes, more adorable details and an ending that says:

I don't have a card for you to sign or anything.  I don't need you to mail me anything back. Here is my address if you want to but you really don't have to....

I mailed this letter.  I never thought about it again because we sent no self addressed stamped envelope like they require for return mail.  Last week, when I got the mail there was a thick envelope hand stamped, hand written addressed to my son.  In the top left of the envelope where the return address is had just "KAP."

All I'm thinking is, what company is writing to my eight year old?  What on Earth is this?  So I ripped it open.

And immediately regretted it.
What I did next was what any good mother would do; I taped it all back up and pretended it was damaged in the mail.

I'm not naive enough to think that Colin sat and addressed a letter to my son, I can't even say for sure if he signed the letter.  I'm just in awe that someone over there at the 49ers read my son's letter and sent him actual mail.  Not a mass mailing, but hand stamped MAIL.

This day in age no one will foot the bill for your stamp.  No one.  Cheers to the 49ers, and whoever works in Colin Kaepernick's corner.  My older son sent Philip Rivers at least six letters WITH self addressed stamped envelopes and he never received anything in return. 

Poo on you Phil.  

Needless to say, when my younger son returned home from school that afternoon and I told him he had mail he was excited.  Any mail is exciting.  But when he opened it and saw where it was from?

Priceless.  As hard as he tried, the kid could not stop smiling.
Happy Wednesday all!

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