Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I did it. I Bought Frozen.

On my just about daily Target trip with my four year old (don't judge) we came across a very special display.  Right in front of us, blockading the aisle and forcing us to slow down, was Frozen.

On sale.

I'm extremely frugal, especially with non-essentials such as a new movie.  But considering my ten year old watched the entire movie scene by scene on youtube with my other two littles, I thought this movie could be a worthwhile purchase.  Something to bring them together on nights homework is done and the air is chilly; a place for them to relax on weekends when I just need some space.  

And so I did it.  I spent $14.99 on a DVD for the first time in years.  The family in front of me in line also splurged.  And another little girl screaming her head off that she didn't want her new movie anymore also was the proud owner of  Frozen.  For the record her grandmother should have returned that movie asap with the scene that child was making.  Instead she bought her crackers, which may be one of the biggest child rearing problems in America today.

Oh you're screaming and crying because I bought you a new movie that every little girl in America would flip over?  You insist you don't want it in the middle of this lovely Target cafe?  Let me buy you some crackers.  How about a slushie?  A new toy maybe?

Anyhow, my daughter was not screaming about how awful it is to own a new movie.  She was ready to dance the jig, all, "this is totally awesome my mom bought me something that isn't edible or wearable!  Pigs must be flying somewhere over the United States today!"

Happy Tuesday all.  Go grab your Frozen DVD, it will be a worthwhile childcare investment for weeks to come.

P.S. If your child makes a scene about how awful it is to have the movie, I beg you to return it and make her wait another week.  Cheers.


  1. LOL she is so cute :D And yep, Frozen is the treat for my kids tonight after they've finished their homework :) I'm kind of excited to see it too LOL

  2. We don't got to the movies as a family very often (6 people = $$$), but I put my foot down and INSISTED that we had to see this one on the big screen (in February, but still). Then I pre-ordered it on amazon so that it was waiting on my doorstep yesterday afternoon! We had movie night last night (on a SCHOOL night, no less!). I really do love it!

  3. Haha, you made me laugh with your pigs fly. We haven't seen Frozen yet. We'll probably netflix it or redbox it. :) Treats are even more special if done only every once in a while. Good job, Mama.

  4. Pigs fly? haha!! Good one. And yay for Target trips, love that store to death!


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