Friday, March 7, 2014

Signs of Spring

Yesterday, on my gymnastics "run" (the day I drive the girls to gym) I was delighted to see Spring all around me.  The sun was shining, the track team was running and my favorite ice cream stand was up and pumping out soft serve.

There were excited customers bundled in coats waiting out in the sunshine for their first cone of the season.  All of sudden winter and all it's "blah" disappeared.  It was still freezing, but there were signs of life.  People! Runners! Sun! Ice Cream!

It was all I needed to suddenly feel excited and hopeful for the warm days ahead.  Spring is a true time of awakening; the animals, the earth, the soul.  Everything wakes up after a long, happy slumber.

To celebrate all of the Spring excitement, I parked myself in the sun, cracked the window and soaked it all in.  Literally.  I just sat, looking like some sort of mom freak, face to the warm sunny sky. 

The air and the warmth were heavenly.  It was a ll I needed to recharge before I encountered all the "gym drama" that accompanies the weeks before state competitions. 

Happy Friday, even better news? We Spring ahead this weekend.  Sunlight at 7pm?  Yes please!

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