Tuesday, April 1, 2014

12 Household Uses for White Distilled Vinegar

Ever since seeing Jillian Michaels a week ago, and listening to her stress how many chemicals we all come in contact (and ingest) every day, I've been on a mission.  It's not a huge mission, I work much better in small steps that don't require major changes.  My kids do as well.  Every day, I'm trying new things and new foods that are chemical free.

I would never be able to announce "We're all eating organic, all natural foods from here on out..." I would never be able to afford it either.  It's all about baby steps.  My goal is to get all of us eating and exposed to LESS chemicals than we were before. 

So far I've found one snack bar my daughter LOVES, a pudding my other daughter loves and laundry detergent that was on clearance.  As I find more tried and loved chemical free and affordable products, I'll write a post and share everything we personally "approve."

 Today, I'm sharing with you all the powers of Distilled White Vinegar.  Cheap and amazing.  My kind of product.

 *All of these tips are for Distilled White Vinegar. *

1. Vinegar kills grass and weeds growing in those hard-to-reach spaces such as walkways and in between patio stones.  No chemicals needed, just pour undiluted vinegar until the roots are dead (may take a few applications).

Hurray - no more Round Up!

2. Summer is a time of sun, swimming and sandboxes.  Keep cats (and their um, piss) out of your sandboxes with white vinegar. 

3. Vinegar eliminates anthills.  I've stepped on dozens and can't wait to vinegar the crap out of them this Spring.

4. Wash your vegetables in white distilled vinegar.  Combine one tablespoon vinegar to 1 1/2 quarts water.

5. Smelly kitchen drain?  How about bathroom sinks?  Pour one cup baking soda followed by one cup hot white distilled vinegar.  Let this sit for five minutes and flush clean with hot water.

6. White distilled vinegar is an excellent ant repellent.  Spray undiluted vinegar outside doors, windows and around all the cracks and crevices you find ants.

7. A small dish of distilled white vinegar will rid your kitchen of fruit flies.

8. Make your own floor cleaner:  mix a solution of 3 drops dishwashing liquid to 1/3 part white distilled vinegar, 1/3 part alcohol, and 1/3 part water. Spray sparingly and mop away.

9. Keep your clothes lint-free (and soft!) by adding 1/2 cup of vinegar to the wash cycle.

10. Vinegar is a great antiseptic for cuts and scrapes.

11. Want fresher breath and whiter teeth?  Who doesn't?  Twice a week brush with white distilled vinegar.

12. Stop insect bite stinging and itching with a cottonball soaked in white distilled vinegar.

Do you know of any I missed?  Share with me!


  1. Mix white vinegar and liquid Dove dishwashing soap in one of those kitchen dish scrubby things and use it to clean your shower walls. Works amazing! My problem with using it to clean is that I hate the vinegar smell. It really does an awesome job though so it's probably worth it LOL

    1. Try adding a few drops of scented oil like lavender etc.

  2. Sweet - I'll have to try that!

  3. Have a new puppy. mix white vinegar with peroxide to spray potty spots to take the smell away.
    Blot dry and sprinkle with baking soda. vac when dry.

  4. Vinegar works as a rinse aid in the dishwasher.


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