Friday, April 25, 2014

Five Friday Things

1. We have a stray farm cat that hangs around our house.  I'm not a cat person (allergic since I was a kid) but this cat is a love.  She has had two litters since we moved in a year ago, and I'm pretty sure she's cooking her third.

I'm on the lookout for a free clinic to have her fixed.  Until then, we feed her and the kids get a kick out of our outdoor "pet."  She's even become a regular on my Instagram feed.

2.  I've been super busy with baseball lately.  And loving it.  Two boys playing real ball this year has put our family into a baseball craze.

3.  Gymnastics is ongoing, and we have states in a few weeks.

4.  I got a job!  I'm super excited to announce I'll be a unit desk clerk in a maternity ward in the coming weeks.  I'm also super nervous about adjusting to working part time and shuffling munchkins.  I also can't believe my baby is going to kindergarten and I'm at the time in my life where I'm ready to work part time.

Somebody pinch me and tell me where the heck the last five years went.

5.  Happy weekend.


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  1. Good luck on your new job. You'll do great.


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