Monday, April 14, 2014

Remember the "Little" in Little League

Little League season has officially begun. Practices four to five nights a week (x2), scrimmages, pictures, snack stand obligations and games have taken over my life.

As if competitive gymnastics wasn't enough.

Tonight, my younger son (LLG) was out in full force.  Dressed for his first game, and batting lead off, he was pretty stoked.  The weather was gorgeous except for the gusting winds that have ruined every perfect weather day so far this Spring.

Still, I'll take it.  I'll also take a 0-1 loss, because the kids played hard.  At the end of the day, that's all that matters.  None of us will remember scores or how many strike outs our kids had ten years from now, but we'll remember the teaching moments.  The little ones that make being a parent the best and most important job in the world.

For me, Little League is all about those moments that tug at my heartstrings and make me want to hug the disappointments away.  It's about the moments that have me leaping out of my seat with pride.  Those are the ones that offer all the lessons; how to win with class and how to lose with your head held high.  The world needs kids (and parents) who can do both.

Tonight we lost the game with the tying run on third.  Sometimes, that's the way the cookie crumbles.  Those trophies at the end of the season aren't for winning; they are for sticking it out through long practices and tough games.  They are for participating, and they are tokens of a job well done.

As for us parents, keep it in perspective.  If our kids are lucky they'll experience being on winning teams, losing teams and everything in between.  Every kind of team offers different, and necessary lessons.  Just be happy your kid is out on that field and off an xbox, ipad or cell phone.  They're learning about how to play on a team and be a good teammate as they round those bases.  It's our job to help them on their journey as they navigate their way through ups and downs on that field.

Not every kid will play every inning, not every kid will catch the ball.  How we treat, coach and parent those kids says more about us than our record at the end of the season.

In our house, it's one game down, I don't even know how many to go.  And I'm looking forward to every nail biting one of them. 

Happy Little League season to all the other Mamas living the crazy.  Cheers to the big hits and amazing catches. Live it up and love your little players!

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