Tuesday, April 8, 2014

(Sneezy) Spring Clean Up

Ever since I can remember I've been plagued with allergies.  From animal dander wheezing to seasonal itchy eyes, I enjoy it all.  While it's easy to avoid animals like cats and rabbits, avoiding all the blooming plants in Spring is another story.

It's impossible.  
I love to get my yard "de-wintered" as soon as the weather turns.  The sun comes out and I spend hours in the yard pulling weeds and planting flowers.  I take trips to local nurseries and buy new plants and flowers for the yard.  I love to coordinate colors and arrange where all my new plants will look best.  It takes me weeks.

Trouble is, ever since moving to the country, my entire family has experienced new symptoms from plants and animals we've never been around much before.  Last Spring was pretty interesting.  We have a farm right across the street, and there were grasses and trees blooming all around us.  There was also the scent of manure (that took some getting used to) and the sound of cows in the morning.  
To say some of us were suffering from the change in environment would be an understatement.  I never knew my younger son had any allergies at all until we moved, and the poor guy had to wait a week to see a doctor when his eyes started getting red and watering.  I realized we were dealing with something that required attention when his face swelled so badly he had to manually open his crusted eyes in the morning.  While he was uncomfortable, he did get out of family yard work, so it wasn't a total loss (for him anyway).

Luckily, I tend to get a scratchy throat when I'm a allergic to something, not a swollen face.  Unfortunately, I make this God awful noise to "itch" my throat.  My brothers do it too.  It sounds kind of like a frog and I'm told it's pretty annoying.
I spend hours in the yard, suffering and sounding like a frog.  I tell my Hubby I can't help it and he just rolls his eyes.
My favorite itchy throat helper is HALLS Creamy Strawberry Breezers.  Have you tried these amazing little cough drops?  They don't have any of that yucky cough drop taste.  I keep these by my bed and in my purse, and they work magic on my itchy Springtime throat.
Hubby and my kids are extremely thankful there is something that can stop the frog noise.  I'm just happy my throat isn't on fire all day long in the Spring.  If you suffer from seasonal allergies like I do, I highly suggest you give HALLS Strawberry Breezers a try.  They are even excellent in the winter when I have a cold.  I keep them on hand year round.
Happy Spring everyone.  Wishing all the allergy sufferers like me a minimally annoying season. Cheers!
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  1. LOL I know the sounds you're talking about. ;) Dang allergies!


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