Monday, May 26, 2014

Cookies and Cream Cake

Lately I've had a strange obsession with Jello.  I've been combing the selection at the supermarket wracking my brains for any reason what-so-ever to buy a package of Jello.

My munchkins turn their noses up at Jello Cakes.

They also don't understand that a huge bowl of pudding is really the same pudding they are eating out of those individual containers.

Hence the wracking of my mommy brain trying to find a reason to buy a package of Jello.

But when I saw the Cookies 'n Creme flavor I just couldn't resist.  I had to splurge on something I didn't need.

I placed the Jello on my stove.  I left it out where I leave all "to bake" items.  And after walking by it a few times I had a flash of brilliance.

I would make a cake.  And it would be fabulous.

And that is the story behind how my Cookies 'n Creme cake was born.  Mix a Jello obsession with a fierce determination to utilize something I completely had no reason to purchase and you get cake.

Let me rephrase.  You get AWESOME cake.

Mommyhood's Cookies 'n Creme Cake

1 box white cake mix, prepared
1 box cookies n' creme Jello
1/3 cup milk
1 container vanilla or chocolate frosting
1 package Oreos

Line 9x13 dish with non-stick foil.  Grease and flour.

Prepare cake mix according to package directions.  Add jello and 1/3 cup milk.  Stir until well combined.

Pour into baking dish.

Bake at 350 for 25-30 minutes.  Check center with toothpick.  When toothpick comes out clean remove cake and cool completely.

Once cake is cooled, turn upside down and remove from pan.  Carefully peel away foil.

Frost with preferred icing.

Carefully slice 12-14 Oreos into halves.  Set aside.

Place another 10-15 Oreos in Ziplock bag (depending on how much "Cookie Crunch" you desire) and smash with preferred kitchen utensil.

I always turn to my favorite utensil, the good 'ole ice cream scoop.

Sprinkle cookie crumbs over top of cake.

Use halved Oreos to line edges of cake.

Enjoy, and Happy Memorial Day!

**From the archives.**

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