Monday, May 5, 2014

The Dirty Girl Mud Run

There's a girls only run that circles around the United States called the "Dirty Girl."  You've probably heard of it.  It's a 5K, peppered with obstacles along the way that have you walking in, climbing over and crawling through mud.

Towards the end of the run there was portion I waded, waist deep, through filthy brown water.  Never before would I ever have considered doing that for fun.  But yesterday, at my first Dirty Girl, it was just another laugh.

One of my girlfriends put together a team of mamas from our town and we all drove out together.  There were first timers, second timers, crossfitt-ers, runners, YMCAers, and everything in between.  Dirty Girl Mud Runs are about getting away from the daily grind and letting loose.  It's about letting someone cheer you on for once, and laughing with friends as you do things you never thought you'd ever do for fun.


We arrived at the Dirty Girl race and the wind was gusting.  We all stood around freezing until our wave went off, and we forgot about laundry, wind, muffin tops and bills that need to be paid.  Every woman there was there to have a good time, us included.  I stayed with my bestie, and one of her friends from the gym.  We jogged, walked and talked the whole way.  Afterwards, covered in mud, we made our way to the rinse station.  I bypassed the hoses, because my hands were so cold they could barely untie my shoes.  I'm thinking undressing after the race should be part of the race, because it was harder to get my socks off my feet than it was to climb some of those walls.

I'm sharing my Dirty Girl experience because I don't want other women to be afraid to try one.  You aren't timed, you can go around any obstacle that you don't feel safe participating in and many women walk.  Truthfully, all women have to walk at times because the mud and terrain make running impossible.  You can go as fast or as slow as you want, no pressure to be fit and the first one across the line.

If you decide to join a mud run:

I highly recommend wearing clothes that won't weigh you down, because the mud most definitely will.  Also, even with spandex, WEAR UNDIES!  I mean granny panties.  These are going to protect your privates and go directly in the trash.  

I recommend bringing.... a garbage bag, an extra set of clothes/shoes, two towels (one to set your clean clothes and shoes on and one to stay warm/clean off), and PLENTY of baby wipes.  I even had a large bottle of water that I used to dump all over my hands before I touched anything in my bag.  

When you return home?  Hose the clothes well before you toss them into the wash.  Trust me on that one.  You wouldn't believe the chunks of mud I sprayed off my socks.

Happy Monday everyone!  Do something for yourself this week!!! 


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  1. Awesome awesome awesome!! I've actually never heard of it before, but sounds like a blast! So glad you enjoyed yourself!! Looks like so much fun!


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