Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Make Your Own Travel Crayons

Back in the day, when we had two munchkins, we enjoyed eating out.  We were regulars at kid's night at Perkins.

The waitress knew our order, and knew we liked a basket of rolls.  She brought our drinks before we even ordered them.

Bless her heart.

Along with some play-doh and sticker sets, crayons and other art supplies were a necessity.  We had a bag of goodies to keep tiny hands and brains busy while myself and Hubby enjoyed some conversation.

Or maybe we just stared at the walls enjoying the peace.

Either way, these handy travel crayons are ideal for parents. I made mine out of a container that previously housed rainbow sprinkles.

Rainbow sprinkles make my heart sing.

Of course, old spice containers work too.
Just rinse the container well, and allow to dry.  Peel off the label, and type out some sort of fancy title for your container, such as "crayons."

Using packing tape, apply label neatly.

Fill with crayons.  Or markers.  Fill with something that will keep your kids busy when you need them to be busy.

And place it in your purse.
These containers are awesome because they are large enough to hold a few sheets of rolled paper for coloring.

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