Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Maternity Ward Anyone?

I've been slacking on the blog.  I know it.  Working four days a week, eight hours a day is a real time sucker.  There is not much time for anything other than hugging my babies, carting them around, cleaning and buying groceries when I get home.

Some nights I don't even want to check email.  I just want to crawl in bed and SLEEP the second my kids close their eyelids.

Since working in a maternity ward, I've learned many things.  I obviously can't share any of the specifics (laws and all) but I can share a few of the vital lessons I've learned these past three weeks.  

1.  Mamas come in all shapes, sizes, colors and temperaments.  It's truly impossible to judge a book by it's cover.  Keep an open mind and keep on trucking.

2.  You never know what is going to walk though the maternity ward door.  Ever.

3.  Sometimes when things look like they could go bad they're fine, and the opposite is true.  Always be ready for the unexpected.  

4.  There are women who really slack on the hygiene.  Nice people, bad bathing habits.  I will never understand this because of my love for a hot shower.

But hey, different strokes for different folks.

5.  No matter how many times you tell someone something, they hear what they want to until they're ready to hear something else.  This is the exact reason we still have parents who do as they please regardless of what is advised by medical experts. 

Frustrating, but true.  

The upside to working in the Birthplace?  Every day is different.  The downside?  I'm exhausted by 9pm.  

The good news is that school is out and I no longer have laundry worries and school lunch prep.  

Cheers, it's almost Friday!


  1. LOL your "different strokes for different folks" made me laugh because it's something I always heard as a kid. :) Your kiddos are out for the summer already? Preschool is here, but regular school goes till the 17th. I'm glad your job is going well, Mama. Hope you get in some rest.

  2. I'll just say...I was a COMPLETELY different person when I was in labor (I'm sure you know what it's like). I called people names, I swore a lot (I even used the big words), I threatened to strangle the doc who delivered our first, etc. Mostly out of character for me. ;)


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