Saturday, June 21, 2014

The 1980's

Last night Teen Wolf was on television.  Not the corny Teen Wolf show on MTV that always tricks me into thinking the real Teen Wolf is on...I'm talking Michael J. Fox Teen Wolf.

And then I thought about Sixteen Candles.  And Pretty in Pink.  And the first four Rocky movies.  All of this movie nostalgia has me missing the 1980's.  Which is kind of silly because I was only 11 when we rang in 1990.

This was me and one of my forever friends in the 80's.  The gold shirt was probably stolen from my older brother's closet. 

Here's the thing.  The 80's were so much better than any other recent decade.  The hair, the clothes, the movies, the music and economy were all booming.  We were cell phone-less yet we still managed to survive (imagine that).  I remember calling my parents from pay phones outside the school for a ride home.  This gets even parents didn't even have caller id to know it was me!  And they still answered the phone!

Part of me gets a little sad for my kids because they won't ever experience the same innocence of being a kid.  No matter how much we shelter and how much we teach the world has truly gotten more risque.  Less patient. More preoccupied.  I probably sound a hundred years old when I say this....but just the commercials  these days have me trying to cover little eyes.

I give major props to all the companies who are clever enough to use humor and wit in their advertising.  They are few and far between and unfortunately we see much more of "sex sells" every time we turn on the television or open a magazine.  It's very easy for companies and famous peeps to say it's not their job to raise our kids, but I firmly believe it takes a village.  And with nonstop, neverending access to everything via the Internet, the village is the entire world.

Scary stuff, and put some pants on my eleven year old idolizes you!

I'm gonna say the 1980's was a pretty good time.  My dad never sat on a cell phone playing games.  He sat in "his chair" watching his shows after dinner.  If we wanted to sit in the family room we watched what he was watching.  If we wanted something else we huddled around the tiny bulb television in the kitchen. 

Hair was high, clothes were bright, Michael J. Fox ruled primetime and life was good.

R.I.P. 1980s.  Thank you for the music and the movies. They don't make them like that anymore.

Happy Weekend all!

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